Secret opening of first NYX Professional Makeup store in the Baltics #daywithme


I had an amazing opportunity to attend secret early opening event of NYX Professional Makeup store in Panorama, Vilnius on Friday 23rd. HUMONGOUS thank you to NYX Professional Makeup Baltics for inviting me and giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. As mentioned, the event took place on Friday, September 23rd at a Panorama shopping mall. Public opening of the store is happening on 24th and 25th of September, to which everyone can attend!
You could only get in there with an invitation, because there was a welcoming crew, which was checking guest names in their invitee lists. It was a private and exclusive event to which invitations received many famous bloggers, youtubers, makeup artists, local celebrities and many more.
NYX claims that store here in Lithuania is exactly the same as the one in Los Angeles, which in my opinion, is pretty awesome! It's beautifully decorated, colourful and bright. I love purple LED lights, which just scream NYX to me! You will see yourself how the store looks like because I just could not leave without taking a crazy amount of pictures!

The assortment of products is INSANE. It would probably take me good 3 to 4 hours to look through everything. It's funny how in Douglas just a few months ago you could only find like a handful of NYX products, and now look, we have our own store here in Vilnius! Opening of NYX store is a very meaningful day for all the makeup lovers here in Lithuania because NYX cosmetics give us an opportunity to enjoy high quality makeup for a very great price. 
The event itself was planned incredibly well. I loved the Wall of fame, on which you could write your Instagram user name with lipsticks from NYX, bar with very tasty and very refreshing cocktails, handmade NYX cupcakes, snack trays, awesome DJ, insanely generous goodie bags (I will show you what I got in mine in the next blog post!!) and a very friendly and helpful NYX staff, which kept the whole event going, You guys were awesome!!

Again, to me, this event was an opportunity of a lifetime, I am more than thankful to NYX Professional Makeup Baltics for sending me an invitation. I will surely remember this day for a very long time. I really hope NYX will sell their discount cards because I will need one as I saw too many products that I need to add to my makeup collection ASAP! (maybe I should do a NYX makeup whish list? let me know!)



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  1. What an amazing event, congratulations on getting invited, it must have been an amazing experience! The store looks fabulous, very bright and bold!

    Kez |

    1. The event was so good I seriously had a blast! It's a beautiful store!

  2. You have covered many things in this post, thanks for sharing.

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